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Keep Track of your Sports Team Fees & Member Payments

Features for Sports Teams - Team Fees & Payments Tracking Features for Sports Teams - Team Fees & Payments Tracking


Team Fees

Team Fees

Easily add team fees and let the system calculate the amount each member owes.

Enter monthly recurring fees with different due dates so members know when a payment is due.

Team Fees can be applied to all or only a few team members, even guest players.

Member Payments & Balances

Collect Payments Online

Members can pay for team dues online using a credit card (offline also). Check how much each member owes in a single page.

Members can check their balance (total or due) using any device. No more "how much do I owe you?" questions.

Transaction Log

Transaction Log

Keep track of each transaction without the use of spreadsheets.

All team fees, payments (online or offline) or charges are listed and balances are calculated automatically.

Members can see a log of each transaction recorded in the system.

Balance Reminders

Send balance reminder emails to all the members with an outstanding balance.

Reminders will be sent to deactivated or even deleted members, as long they have a balance with your team.